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#Repost @edbyellen ・・・ “Kindness is a strength that makes you more serene” [email protected] on the cover of @Good Housekeeping’s Kindness Issue A post shared by Ellen (@theellenshow) on We couldn't resist going for a little swim! WATCH: The full interview between Chelsea Handler and Fortune Feimster as Sarah Huckabee Sanders Morning Round-Up: Trump’s ‘great favor,’ Amazon sued; Jeffrey Lord fired; Chelsea Manning models Look who’s in the house. TEMPLE, BENGAL STAI^F CORPS, FELLOW OF THE EOTAL QEO&EAPHICAL SOCIBTY, MEMBEK OP THE ROYAL ASIATIC, PHILOLOGICAL, AHD POLKLOEE SOCIETIES, THE ANTHHOPOLOGICAL IKSTITtl TE, THE ASIATIC SOCIETY OF BENGAL, ETC., COBREBPOH"DIM"a MEMBER OF THE NUMISMATIC SOCIBTY OF PHILASBLPHIA, ASSOCIATE OF THE TICTOBIA INSTITUTE, ETC. BOMBAY : Education Society's Peess, LONDON : Tbubnek & Co. Studies are none the better for being shorn of what capabilities for pleasure they may chance to possess, but there this advantage ends. Break up their (cooking vessels), put thy own on (the fire) and cook well thy herbs : They will understand (then) and do thou eat : and there will be much wailing." Disciple. Apna dbarm pachbaa, re Gorakb j ky An cbitak dikblave ? Kantpa, "Hear, Gorakb (Natb) tbou magician, tbou art alto- getber a fool ! Know tby own faitb, Gorakb ( Natb) : wby sbowest us magic ? The dance went on and when the drums were beating Gorakh Nath called out. "Awake, Maehhandar (Nath), Gorakh (Nath) hath come ! (Maehhandar Nath) heard the voice, opened his eyes and was agitated. t His coming to the help of his opponent is curious and probably an error. 860 Baran baras tain manjbi cbaraian^ hun deke dher dilase ! Jin hatten ghio khand khila, kinne ohhab nahin deni bich kansi ? — The Stoey op Raja Chandaebhan and Rani Ghand Kaean 78 XX. Such being the case, there is no reason why it should not be made as attractive in a literary sense as possible, provided it loses nothing thereby in scientific precision. Speak such words as these with thy lips and thy bux* will break. " Hear, my disciple, eat at tby ease." Gorakb (Natb) tbus ordered all bis disciples and sbo wed a miracle. Tbe fire caugbt tbem, tbeir bodies burned and tbey ran about (crying) "mercy." 190 Tbey cried out witb tbeir moutbs on wbom tbe sore trouble came. A company of dancers started and he went off with them. "My son Gorakh (Nath), hear my words with heart and soul. 1 have sons with me that I love : Hem Nath and Khem Nath, these are thy saintly brethren." Gorakh (Nath) the holy saint worshipped his Gurii. To her of one son there is but an only son, so do thou lovingly protect him." * Scene changes completely, and the thread of the story is taken up from line 156. I, Hir, am useless without R4njh&, though thousands of Kheras surround me. 543 Je mukh mura R^njlie yar, ton halia Dozakh bich sarian." " Reru rukh bich gun na koi, phirde bhawar piase. Ranjha, bans Allah da, galian bich rulda, Sida kag ndn bahavegi pass. A monthly periodical devoted to thai systematic collection of scraps and fragments of authentic informa- tion regarding the country and the people. I had a fantastic weekend in Vancouver with my wife and friends, met some terrific people and more than anything just tried to soak in all the positive energy from people living their best lives.” “If I’m in Vancouver next year I won’t just go back, I’ll walk in the parade.

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Spending time on Michigan Avenue in Chicago was an experience of art, fashion, restaurants and constant fascination. Sooner or later then it surely comes about that the student properly so called — the man of science — is left to himself. Haiga tumbare bath, Nath ; main dnkh bhar-bharke ptila. Ikloti ka hai ik putr, karo is ki prit pala." 225 Called her quickly.* Gv,ru Gorakh Ndili A " mother, hear my words. 240 The words written (by Fate) none can blot out ! He bored his ears, he put in the rings and threw the necklace round his neck. ' Alms, alms' do I stand and cry, and none cometh to give. 350 The (stony) hills would weep for Lali, and what am I that am a man ? As long as the result of the labours of the careful have not reached very far the dilettante can easily keep pace with the best of them, and is sure to make much more show ; but the force of the old fable of the hare and the tortoise gradually becomes apparent to him, and in time he sinks further and further out of view, as he realizes that the race is not to the swift. Nikasat sar bhasbam kar dega." Ais S, bachan uchare. " Ai mere Gur Deoji ; snniye, Gorakh Nath ; 230 Mere putr ka jiwana haiga tumbare hatb. jagat men, tain jas paya." Ho rahi jai-jai-kar kuneri se blch nikala. Now is thy name immortal in the world and thou hast won glory.'" ' There were rejoicings when (the Saint) was taken out of the well. 245 All the palace began weeping, except mother Main S,- wanti. " He called ' alalch ' a second time in the palace. 260 " Mother, give me alms, the Saint standeth at the door : The Saint standeth at the door, calling ' alakh ' at the gate. I left my brother's wife Mli, that kills the flying birds (with her glances). Philology had to face a long period of this kind before it could emerge as a true science, — the stigma of empiricism sticks to it still, — and it seems that Folk- PEKFACE. It should be the duty of those who would see it take its place among the recognized scientific pursuits to raise it to that rank, as philologists have raised the study of tongues. Tell me the truth with thy lips ; why hast thou come ? 215 Bachan jab gur apne ke kia praghat rup dikhaya. He Gur Deo, karo kirpa, main saran tumhare aya." Maclihandar Nath. Gopi Chand ki man ko beg bula de an : 215 When he heard the words of his Guru he showed him- self publicly. As soon as he gets out, he will turn him into ashes." This is what he said. " my Lard Gurui ; hear me, Gorakh Nath, 230 My son's life is in thy hands. The elephants and the horses and the (very) trees all wept, and wept men and women. 25 245 Sab ranwas ron laga hai, ik na Mainawanti mai. Ang bhashanij seli gale, di Jalandhar Natk, Kanon mundra anke, jholi khappar hath ; Jholi khappar hath ua ke mahilon ' alakh ' jagaya. With the rings in his ears, wallet and bowl in his hands. Without taking alms I move not, but will meditate on my Guru." * By calling her motlaei- she could not longer be his wife : the mean- ing is ' separate from thy wife.' The expression runs through many THE LEGEND OF RAJA GOPl OHAND, 27 265 Ifcni Patam Dai suni ' alakh, aiakh' bhanklr. Dismiss me that I may go home and mingle with my brethren." ( Said Hir) : " Without feet anklets are useless, and brace- lets without arms. — Sansae Chand op Kangea and Fatteh Paekash op Sarmoe ^. The early * collecting ' period is the heyday of the light-hearted and the enthusiastic before what is most obvious has been all recorded, and it becomes a laborious task to add fresh matter to the pile, and before, too, it behoves the collector to be careful as to what he puts into his store, lest critics point out that he is accumulating rubbish. Gorakh (Nath), thy coming hath destroyed my king- dom ! " Sabhi bhekh hu S, wah'an ikattha, turn ko wahan balaya. Sang hamare larke hainge, in men prit lagai : Hem Nath aur Ehem Nath, hain yeh tere gur bhai." Gorakh jogi sidh ne dhara Guru ka dhyan. Thy son hatb been a tyrant and thrown the jog'i into a well- Thy son will not live, for be calls death on his head. The Saint took a knife and bored ^(Gopi Chand's) ears. The Heavens trembled when the Saint plied the knife. Ashes to his body and necklace to his neck gave Jalandhar Nath. Now have I taken up my seat here (to meditate) on the mystery of the Primeval Being. I, the son of nobles, am called a servgjnt,and whocareth for a servant ?

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Below are the most common reasons: This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page.

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